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During the Second World War, due to variuos reasons, many aircrafts and personel from waring nations ended up in sweden. Aircrafts that was considered wrecked were sold as scrap. Others were studied and evaluated by Swedish aviation technical personnel before being handed over to respective country. A few were left at the crashsite due to difficulties in salvaging them, either at sea or in some cases the authorities were simply not aware of the incident.

The crews were interned for different lenght of time at various locations in Sweden. In most cases then repatriated back to their respective country. The stay in the internmentcamps many times led to unforgettable memories, not just for pilots but also for the local people. Some crews, mostly German, was the subject of exchanges of detained Swedish crews who during reconnaissance flights had been forced down on German air bases or ended up in German waters.

Sweden also became the final resting place for many foreign airmen who had died during battle or in accidents, many also washed ashore along our coasts. Fatal accidents at internment camps did also accour.

Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated aviation historians from different places around Sweden. After many years of individual work, we have came together in association Swedish Forced Landing Collection. Some of us have written comprehensive books on the subject called "Nödlandarepoken", others have released DVD movies, written articles and participated in various local temporary exhibitions. Several have collected local history with pictures and objects.

What do we want?

We have for many years, as personal enjoyment, collected material from these events. And over time accumulated a large archive of pictures, aircraft parts, engines, aircraft equipment, accident reports, local newspaper articles, etc. We want to create a forum, a museum and a archive, regarding these events - an epoch in the history of our country. An epoch that meant a lot both for those who came here and for those who in various ways came in contact with the foreign airmen, often during quite dramatic circumstances.

What do we do?

Besides a constant collecting of materials about these events we work hard to complete the facillities for our permanent museum in Morup, north of Falkenberg. The work is performed exclusively by volunteers from our ranks. We participate in various events with our mobile exhibition to raise funds for our operations. We also hold public speaking activities about the salvage of the Heinkel He 111 in Sitasjaure aswell as the story of Skummeslövsmustangen. Together with our friendship organisation in Norway, and with help from the Norwegian Defencemuseum we also restore a German twin-engined bomber - a Heinkel He 111 H-3. This work is done in our workshop in Varberg.


The Forcedlanding Collection consists of the board, project team and support group.

The Board

  • Chairman: Bengt Hermansson, Falkenberg
  • Vice Chairman: Ingvar Johansson, Morup
  • Secretary: Tomas Svensson, Varberg
  • Economy: Ewa Hermansson, Falkenberg
  • Member: Nicklas Östergren, Trelleborg
  • Member: Sune Andersson, Varberg
  • Member: Sven-Göran Olsson, Långås
  • Member: Ingemar Olsson, Sik
  • Member: Jarl Svensson, Varberg
  • Member: Sven Persson, Helsingborg

The Project Team

  • The Board FLC
  • Bo Widfelt Author/Aviation historian, Nässjö
  • Claes Sundin Graphic Artist/Author, Förslöv
  • Daniel Petterzon Aviation historian/web, Jönköping
  • Ingemar Melin Graphic Artist/Aviation historian, Trelleborg
  • Tom Settervall Aviation historian, Ystad
  • Bo Knarrström PhD, Annelöv
  • Michael Lindström Webmaster, Malmö

Support Group

  • Björn Svedfelt, Steninge
  • Klas Andersson, Götene
  • Rolf Arvidsson, Nyhamnsläge
  • Leif Möller, Ystad
  • Yngve Andersson, Sölvesborg
  • Michael Johansson, Luleå
  • Pär Erixon, Göteborg
  • Thomas Sivhed, Trelleborg
  • Jan Forsgren, Gävle
  • Henrik Jonsson, Fornåsa
  • Bengt-Åke Persson, Skivarp
  • Peder Thorell, Norrköping
  • Per Björkqvist, Linköping
  • Torstein Landström, Gränna

Support associations

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