Lancaster Mk I - Serial # ME742

626 Sqn

Color profile by Torstein Landström

  • F/O R.C. Hawkes, Pilot
  • F/O H.D. McPhail, Co Pilot
  • F/O R.M. MacKay, Flight Engineer
  • F/O R.J. Williams, Navigator
  • Sgt G.Langdon, Wireless Operator
  • Sgt C.G. Ockwell, Bomb Aimer
  • F/S H.D.C. Allison, Mid-Upper Gunner
  • F/O L.W.Bovee, Tail Gunner


The photo was taken at the Staff at Marieborg, Torekov
Standing left: Sgt G.Langdon (WO) RAF, F/O R.C. Hawkes (P) RCAF, F/O R.M. MacKay (FE) RAF
Sitting let: Sgt E.W. Cunningham (SO) RCAF (ende överlevande från ME592), Sgt C.G. Ockwell (BA) RAF, F/S H.D.C. Allison (MUG) RCAF, F/O L.W.Bovee (TG) RCAF, F/O R.J. Williams (N) RAF

The crash site in 2010. Photo © Bo Widfeldt

At the time Nils Mattson got the life jacket and the hood McKay wrote his number and signature in his calendar, on the right Mattsons own notes. Photo © Nicklas Östergren

After landing with the parachute McKay came to Kvinnaböske gård. Nils Mattson far left, sitting on the stone wall. Far right Nils foster parents, Gustaf and Hilma Persson. The others on the picture are swedish soldiers. Photo via Kristina Lindgren

On the 27th of March 2013 Kristina Lindgren, Grevie (Nils Mattsson daughter) donated the life jacket, the hood and oxygenmask that her father recieved as a gift from Robert Mackay. FLC are very greatful to be trusted to preserve theese items for the future. Photo © Nicklas Östergren

Robert McKays life jacket. Photo © Nicklas Östergren

Robert McKays hood with oxygenmask. Photo © Nicklas Östergren