Consolidated B-24D Liberator "Princess" - Serial # 42-63962

USAAF 44 BG, 560 BS, Shipdham, Stn 115

  • 1/Lt R. Golubock, Pilot
  • 1/Lt C.R. Conner, Co Pilot
  • 2/Lt H.R. Chambers, Navigator
  • 1/Lt W.D. Fitzsimons, Bomber
  • T/Sgt W.E. Dunlop, Engineer
  • S/Sgt W.J. Greenlee, Left Waist Gunner
  • T/Sgt J.C. Neely, Radio Operator
  • S/Sgt S.Z. Jones, Right Waist Gunner
  • S/Sgt G.N. Smith, Tail Gunner
  • S/Sgt J.C. Killian, Ball Turret Gunner
  • S/Sgt E.H. Hawley, Radaroperator

"Prince" in the air. "Princess" had three different names during it's operating time. Photo via Fold3.com

"Carpet", a similar equipment was operated by S/Sgt Hawley onbord of the "Princess" on May 29th 1944. The swedish military weren't able to investigate it since it was dumped prior to the aircrafts landing in Sweden. Photo via Fold3.com

Example of different german radar units. Photo via Fold3.com

Photo taken over the refinary in Police (Pölitz) 0n May 29th 1944. With help from smoke screens the german troops tried to hide the compound from the B-24s that just released their cargo.
Photo: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) via Fold3.com

Photo: Excerpt from MACR

"Princess" on swedish soil. A scarred veteran that has flown 46 missions.
Photo: Eric Nilsson via Nicklas Östergren

"Princess" in Sweden. The right side with it's noseart. By some kind of reason the marking was overpainted but they kept the motive. Photo via Mikael Östberg.

Flying 8 balls. A motive a lot of the B24 from the 44 bombsquad carried. Photo: Eric Nilsson via Nicklas Östergren.

Photo via Nicklas Östergren.

Photo via Nicklas Östergren.

The photo shows "Princess" in Sweden and you can clearly see that somone has repainted the last letters of the name.
Photo via Mikael Forslund