Consolidated B-24H Liberator "7V-T" - Serial # 41-28963

USAAF 458 BG, 752 BS, Horsham St. Faith, Stn 123

Color Profile by Torstein Landström

  • Roger Hicks, Pilot
  • Joe Sirotnàc, Co Pilot
  • William Haslauer, Navigator
  • Bob Betz, Ball Turret Gunner
  • John Berdar, Radio Operator, Top Turret Gunner
  • Bob Schauseil, Tail Gunner
  • Bob Birmingham, Nose Gunner
  • Milton Bennet, Waist Gunner
  • Eddie Quarford, Mechanic
  • Robert Brittain, Bombardier


Standing from the left: Robert Blum (Bomber), William Haslauer (Navigator), Joe Sirotnàc (Co Pilot), Roger Hicks (Pilot)
Kneeing from the left: John Berdar (Radio Operator and Top Turret Gunner), Milton Bennet (Waist Gunner), Bob Birmingham (Nose Gunner and Togglier) Bob Schauseil (Tail Gunner), Bob Betz (Ball Turret Gunner), Eddie Quarford (Mechanic)
At the time of this raid Robert Blum was replaced by Radio Operator Robert Brittain.
Photo via Jan-Olof Nilsson

Towards target…
Photo via Jan-Olof Nilsson

A signed photo from the pilot Roger Hicks
Photo via Jan-Olof Nilsson

Nose gunnern Bob Birmingham met the inferno of luftvärnsgranater alone way in the front of the B-24:ans nosetower
Photo via Jan-Olof Nilsson

Radio Operator Robert Brittain injured his leg while parachuting and is aided by his crew members
Photo via Jan-Olof Nilsson

Military personell has arrived to the crash site a few kilometers east of Falkenberg
Photo via Jan-Olof Nilsson

Roger Hicks and his crew returns to the home base Horsham S:t Faith dressed as civilians after about five months of i internment in Rättvik and Västerås
Photo via Jan-Olof Nilsson

Several years after the drama in January of 1945 the aging pilot Roger Hicks revisits the crash site outside Falkenberg
Photo via Jan-Olof Nilsson

Photo via Bo Widfeldt

Photo © Nicklas Östergren