North American P-51D-5-NA Mustang "You've Had It" - Serial # 44-13917

USAAF 339 FG, 503 FS, Fowlmere, Stn 378

Color Profile by Claes Sundin

  • 1/Lt F.D. Talcott, Pilot


Photo via Bo Ekberger/Leif Hellström

"You´ve had it" over Bulltofta airfield. Photo via Nicklas Östergren

Photo via Gösta Kersmark

Photo via Gösta Kersmark

"You´ve had it" displayed at F 8 Barkaby. Photo via Erik Palm / Municipality of Järfälla photodatabase

Photo via Assar Svensson/Leif Hellström

Photo via Olle Åström/Leif Hellström

Photo via Mikael Forslund

In the hangar at F8, Barkaby. Photo via Olov Westergren (Mikael Forslund)

The noseart "You´ve had it" was painted on after the landing in Sweden, the pane is here seen in the hangar at F8 Barkaby. Photo via The Arlanda Collection Archive

FLC would like more information about this picture. Photo: Unknown.
The picture most likely shows an american mechanic and would be taken at F 8, Barkaby.